Religion In The Middle Ages Essay

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Religion was very important in the Middle Ages because people depended upon it to complete everyday tasks and stages in life. Evidence of this can be found by looking at the role of the Catholic Church and Saints, the Orvieto Cathedral and Siena Cathedral which were an important part of the lives of the people living in that time period and pilgrims from other areas.

For most people in the Middle Ages the role of the Catholic Church was to achieve salvation; the acceptance of the human soul into heaven after death. To achieve this the people prayed and believed fully in the teachings of god and the stories of miracles and saints in the Bible. The role religion played in the life of St. Margherita was the influence of god on her after she
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The beautiful mosaics of the virgin mary and the fourteenth century florentine gothic structures of the duomo are enough to make anyone stop and stare. The people who constructed the Cathedral created a lot of mosaics, bas reliefs, frescoes and many other forms of pictures for pilgrims who were not able to read or were not familiar to the religion. These helped them to be able to understand the stories of the bible, the saints and other important religious stories ( see image 5).The interior of the duomo ( see image 6) contains chapels to the Virgin Mary with frescoes and mosaics of her life. It also includes a chapel for the miracle of Bolsena which hosts the blood stained cloth (see image 7). This relic was important because it showed the power of transubstantiation and the belief in god to the people. The medieval people that constructed the cathedral were very religious because they spread the teachings of god to ensure they could go to heaven. The importance of the treasures on the people in the middle ages were that they gave them faith and reason to believe in

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