Religion In The South

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Religion is important for a society to function. Sociologist focus on religion as an institution or system followed by a group, based on what they interpret is sacred to this group. Furthermore, depicts the reasoning on how southerners in America have established their conservative values. These values will determine the foundation of southern culture past from generations to their roles in society. Conservatism in the south, has revolved around the significance of religion, leading to the resistance to innovation in society but can be solved through changing societal norms. Correspondingly, religion has been the major factor to the conservative civilization in the south as explained in chapter thirteen. According to Anderson et al, “Religion is institutionalized…Persistent overtime and has an organizational structure into which members are…show more content…
Similar, to a southern conservative who learns how to behave in society, based on what they have considered socially accepted that was derived from religion. Conservatives maintain proper ethics from the lessons of the Holy Bible that teaches them right from wrong. This is the sociological idea that religion establishes moral proscriptions for behaviors. In the article “Dilemmas of Conservatism” Muller states, “Conservatives often appeal to traditions… emotional hold of such traditions, adding emotional weight to moral prescriptions” (56). Muller is describing the importance of religion to a conservative’s role in life. God and the Holy Bible act as their moral compass to how they should operate with other people in their communities. Additionally, southern conservative beliefs originated from their values and from the influences from God and the
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