Religion In Traditional African Religion

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Learning about the African religions made for a very interesting week. The aspect I chose that interests me the most was Animism in relation to Christianity in traditional African religions. Religion is closely related to the culture and society of an area. In Africa, many religions are practiced because they are accepting, tolerant of each other, and they can coexist in peace. Even though they differ, they all share in the belief of one supreme God who made heaven and earth.
I found a good article written by Jacob K. Olumpona, who was a Professor and a noted scholar of indigenous African religions. In 2007, he received the Nigerian National Order of Merit, which is one of the most prestigious honors that a person can be awarded. Some of the highlights he wrote about regarding traditional African religions is as follows:
African traditional religion is a way of life that is related to society and cultures and is constantly reacting to a variety of societal influences.
The religions are based more on what is happening in a person’s life and based less on faith. Ceremonies, rituals, and various practices are more important than doctrines.
Even though many who practice traditional African religions seem to be diminishing, many that identify as Muslims or Christians still practice traditional religions in one way or another. Many Africans have converted to Islam and Christianity.
Indigenous African religions seek to promote good relations with members of other religious
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