Religion Of Voodoo In Haiti

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There are multiple reasons why the religion of Voodoo originated in Haiti. Haiti had a substantial force that gave their people strength and power through hardships and all of the suffering. Haiti was very isolated during substantial points in history, which gave them time to come up with their own beliefs and practices of Voodoo. Like people today they believe in a God and a certain religion, which is exactly what Haitians believed. Not everyone had the same belief in the same God but they all believed in the same religion and that their God or spirits gave them advantages to life and disadvantages. The first people to believe in the religion of Voodoo was Haitian slaves that were captured and brought to West Africa and later on brought to Haiti.…show more content…
Haiti and West African tribes usually gathered together to worship spirits of ancestors using dancing, singing, and different rituals that would bring back the dead. In Haiti their ceremonial events included a priest or priestess and they would own a type of animal such as a chicken to the loa. The individual who wanted to have the ceremony performed then asks the spirits and ancestors for assistance on solving problems. The Africans in Haiti gained a phenomenal amount of power and strength because when times got rough they kept fighting to survive. Haitians have different ways of practicing and reciting rituals as New Orleans or anywhere else, the main component that ties them together is the
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