Religion: The Influence Of Religion In Africa

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Mugambi J. (1990) states that, "religion may be described as a system of belief and practice directed towards the ultimate concern of a society. " In other words, religion is understood as that which explains and expresses the value of society. John S Mbiti (2003 p 2) states that "Africa has a very rich heritage of what past generations of African peoples thought, did, experienced and passed on to their children". In another word the Ancestors passed to their children their believes, their ways of relating to the Supreme Being. One writer affirmed that "descendants are needed to fulfill the ultimate responsibility of maintaining the cult of the ancestors. " The cult of the ancestors is so dear to the African people. It is a heritage that the African 's ancestors left. John S Mbiti (2003, p13) put it clear that "religion is part of the cultural heritage that Africa inherited from their forefathers." Before Christianity came to Africa, the African people had their own unique ways of worshiping the Supreme Being, their own unique ways to relate to the Supreme Being. It has been proved from the different ways that they named God. It is for this reason that John S Mbiti (2003) thinks that Religion is found in all areas of African life, it has dominated the thinking of African peoples to such an extent that it has shaped their cultures, their social life, their political organization and economic activities. This paper discuss one of the traditional religions found in

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