Religion Vs. Hellenism: The Greek Creation Story

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Catholicism is the faith and practice of the Roman Catholic church; Hellenism is the worship of the Greek gods, deities, and creatures in ancient and modern times. The two religions were both practiced and began at very different periods of time, but share a parallel structure. When one compares the creation stories from both religions, they will find many similarities and a few major differences. The Greek creation story begins with Chaos and Eurynome – the goddess of the domain and all things. Eurynome creates the world as well as other deities, titans, and gods. The gods eventually rule the earth and humans worship them. The Catholic creation stories begins with God, separating and creating things on Earth for six days, and a final seventh…show more content…
The Greeks worshipped multiple gods and goddesses for different reasons; minor gods for everyday things and the twelve main gods for more serious problems. Catholics worship one God or one trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) and pray to him/them for everything they require. These two religions began in different time periods – Hellenism originated around 3500 B.C.E. and Catholicism originated around 30 C.E. In the Catholic story God created everything himself, but in the Greek story gods and deities were born to perform certain tasks and play certain roles in the creation of the…show more content…
In the same way Hellenists do with Greek myths and stories. In spite of this, people of olden times may have read stories of religion quite literally. As times have changed people have developed and learned that not everything is to be taken as literal it is written or said. Catholics and Hellenists do not take scripture word for word and follow it. Followers of these religions (and many others) have adapted to read beyond the words from the text. Take the creation story for example – there are many different versions from many diverse beliefs, but everyone comes to the same conclusion; this gives us an explanation for the creation of the world. These stories are meant to be used as simple ways to explain a greater message. In summary Hellenism and Catholicism are collateral in some parts of their creation story and agree on certain steps on the order of creation. Even though there are a few major differences making the two religions distinct to themselves. Supporters of each creed interpret their works contextually and look for the greater message and moral in their stories. After analyzing both religions one can conclude that they are in fact very similar in one way or

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