Religion's Influence On Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Egypt is one of the most well known ancient civilizations in the history of mankind. Ancient Egypt is located in North Eastern part of Africa and surround the Nile River. Ancient Egypt was founded in 1500 BCE and ended in 30 BC when it became a province of the Roman Empire. Throughout this time, Egypt was a very prosperous nation. The Nile was what made Ancient Egypt what it was shaping areas like their religion and their economy. One huge area that was heavily shaped by the Nile River was religion, a key part of the Egyptian lifestyle. Religion was essential for Egyptians, with many believing the Emperor being a god, to the point where they would build massive temples for these so called “gods”. The Nile is depicted as what everything is surrounded by and even gods use the Nile as a method of travel according to a painting found in a tomb. This shows how the Nile had provided for all and even gods like the most powerful one, Ra will use the Nile to travel to the Field of Reeds which was a paradise according to the Egyptian culture. With all this in mind, we can see how much the Nile has affected the Egyptian religion from gods to mythical areas.…show more content…
From a song that circa 2100 BCE, had said the Nile River gave life to animals and produces the food for festivals. It has also said, whenever the Nile is sluggish everyone is impoverished while if the Nile is working well, everyone is very happy. This demonstrates how the Egyptians felt on how the Nile affected the Egyptian economy and how it could either strain the economy or allow it to flourish. Many people seemed to rely on the Nile in the Egyptian society, having it heavily matter on their happiness and wealth. The Nile deeply controlled the Egyptian economy in so many different
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