Religion And Atheism: A Comparative Analysis

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I Introduction. In the modern world, religion still plays a significant role; however, the importance of religion varies depending on certain individuals, societies and states. One adheres to the canons of a strict and closed sect whereas another has the leading secular lifestyle, which is totally indifferent to religion. The same applies to diverse societies and states. Some live by strict religious laws, while others provide their citizens full freedom in matters of faith and do not interfere in the religious sphere, and third keeps religion banned. Historically, the evaluation of religious influence might be different at the same country. Denominations do not look at those requirements that they put forward in relation to the person in…show more content…
Subsequently, if system does not meet these criteria, it might only be considered as a hypothesis. In this scientific context, religion and atheism come insight in the following forms. Religion offers a plenty of answers, which prove the existence of the supernatural world, higher intellect (God), soul etc. Simultaneously, religion gives a concrete and practical way of cognition the spiritual realities that offer a way to test the truth of its allegations. Whereas atheism does not poses any objective facts that actually prove that God does not exist. Hypothetically, in terms of endless attempt of understanding the world, people still cannot provide any basis of nonexistence of God due to all the knowledge that mankind has already received has an insignificant part in a scale of infinite information field. Thereby, if God had not had existed, it would have been the biggest mystery for humanity. The second major part of atheism is to answer on what exactly should the human do in order to make sure that God does not exist. An atheistic theory does not give a clear answer to this question. The believer always knows that there is one way to get a sacred knowledge is to follow religious path by yourself. Therefore, both Religion and Atheism paradoxically appeal to study and experimentally feel religion in order to find the
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