Religion's Influence On Religion And Economy

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I Introduction. In the modern world, religion still plays a significant role; however, the importance of religion varies depending on certain individuals, societies and states. One adheres to the canons of a strict and closed sect whereas another has the leading secular lifestyle, which is totally indifferent to religion. The same applies to diverse societies and states. Some live by strict religious laws, while others provide their citizens full freedom in matters of faith and do not interfere in the religious sphere, and third keeps religion banned. Historically, the evaluation of religious influence might be different at the same country. Denominations do not look at those requirements that they put forward in relation to the person in their laws of conduct and codes of ethics. Religion can bring people together or separate them, to encourage act creatively, to exploits, to appeal for inactivity or contemplation, to help the spread of literacy and the development of art. Conversely, religion also tries to limit the scope of any culture, to entrust restrictions on certain activities and science. There are many religious brunches and belief institutions today. All of them influence different aspects of human life. Historians, politologists, and economists interpret religion as a factor of success of different societies. Many scientists analyze religion’s influence on economic activities. Connection between religion and economy has been exist since ancient times. It has

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