Religion's Role In Our Daily Life

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Religion is a practice or belief involving the worship of a higher being or beings, with a set structure of rules, beliefs, and ceremonies, including all of the fundamental explanations and questions the universe has to offer, followed by any one person or group of people. Additionally, religion provides a guide for the way humans go about their daily lives, living by a moral or religious code. Religion has been used since the first signs of human life on earth, those referred to as hominids or Neanderthals, as they began to bury their deceased in "funeral caches", what we refer to today as graves. Today, this knowledge is still being argued upon as if this was the first sign of a type of intended religious ceremony. Regardless, religion has arguably been an influence in every part of human existence since the beginning of time. Religion, as a belief or practice, has played a continuous and substantial role in people 's everyday lives, our world, and the events that have emerged within, occurring over the last fifty-five hundred years, when the first signs of religion materialized. Since religion started playing a role in people 's lives, it has shown to be a guide, an influence, and even something that changes the lives of some completely. Inside the chosen religion, moral and religious codes have been placed to be a personal guidance for those on the path of religious enlightment. These codes effect a person 's everyday thoughts, actions, and ways of presenting
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