What Role Does Identity Play In Religion Essay

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Religion is considered to be the most influential and persuasive force that inspires individuals and communities. The pre history events reveal that actions of love and self-sacrifice are rooted in holding religious beliefs. Kimbell, in his book, When Religion Becomes Evil, defines religion, “The word religion evokes a wide variety of images, ideas, practices, beliefs, and experiences, some positive and some negative” (pg 20). Hence, religion involves human understanding; the way people value God and some personal thinking of fundamental reality. Religious life is set in that way that defines appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Religion has played a role on the entire civilization. Its identity is very important in the world, which is shaped between eight major civilizations such as, Western, Confucian, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu, Slavic-Orthodox and Latin America. Strong difference, which lies among this civilization, is religion, where conflicts and violence occur among sates and groups within. In addition, the record of history…show more content…
As a fact to illustrate, when identity plays a role in religion is with Muslim women’s, who continue to keep wearing their headscarf. Each of us is born with different traits, which distinguishes us among each other’s, and thus we should be open to differences in humanity and try to understand the community we live in. Hence, each of us should maintain the identity, which we were born with. This is the opposite with Muslim women, who in fact try to hide their identity through covering their head. If all people in the word would hide their identity, as those women do, national security would be in danger. Today, national security is very important to keep a balance, and thus headscarf and those types of religion ideas are presenting a threat. We can say that we were born naked, and there is nothing about covering ourselves at a point where we loose our own

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