Religious Allusions In Nazrul's Poetry

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1. Introduction: Nazrul’s poetry and songs, in particular, are abundant with religious allusions. Therefore, there is an apparently high degree of intertextuality between the external religious texts and the poetry of Nazrul. Religious allusions in Nazrul’s poetry are culled from major world religions i.e. Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism etc. being diverse sources, exploitation of which propagates that Nazrul as a poet was blessed with a God–gifted unparallel talent, who was marginally educated - merely a 10th grader - but it implies that he had an ample amount of reading and understanding of the world religions or theology. Exposure of religious education in his early days of innocence may have imprinted on Nazrul’s mind a deep image of religious sanctity and generosity. But, in his days of experiences, he was taken aback to discover weird religious hypocrisy, superstitions, bigotry, communalism, dissension etc. which were not analogous with the key principles of religion(s). Particularly, since Islam is a cultural system and not a religion merely, Islamic allusions as cultural texts in Nazrul’s poetry have got an interpretative, pragmatic, and commentary expression in terms of intertextuality. Furthermore, Nazrul does not make any cultural shift of the texts of the holy book. He employs them into a much known context. As a consequence, the implications of the religious allusions in Nazrul’s poetry and songs are easily accessible for the readers of Islamic traditions

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