Essay On Religious Anti Semitism

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Racial anti-Semitism and Religious anti-Semitism both greatly affected the Jews in different way because it lead to Jews being excluded from society and being hated by many. Religious anti-Semitism was based off of Medieval anti-Semitism which came to be because the Jews were blamed for the killing of Jesus because they did not accept him as their leader. This lead to persecution and exclusion of Jews from society by expulsions and confinement. In theory, if a jew was willing to give up Judaism as their religion and convert to Christianity, then they would be welcomed by the French and not seen any different. Meaning, they would no longer be persecuted or hated. Another type of anti-Semitism is Racial anti-Semitism which targeted the character traits of the Jews rather than the religion. The Jews were given traits that were associated with negative attributes and these ideas and theories spread widely and believed by many. The idea of having character traits be passed through blood was the foundation of this type of anti - Semitism. This meant that Jews were bad because of their genes and there was no way to change this, as conversion to Christianity would only change religion and not genetics. Hitler comments on this in is text, The Jews as a Race, and agrees with this idea by saying that “The existence of the Jew himself becomes a parasitical one within the lives of other people.” In this quote, Hitler is comparing Jews to parasites as he believes that they…show more content…
Both of these types of anti - Semitism are dangerous for the Jews, however, racial antisemitism was much more dangerous due to the fact that they could not change. Religious anti - Semitism could be changed by converting with the hopes that they will be welcomed into society. Racial anti-Semitism had no way of escaping because there was no way to change your character traits because those were based off of your genetics. You are born with what you are born with, and there's no way to change
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