Religious Beliefs In Hinduism

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Hinduism is an polytheistic Indian religion that is extensively practised in South Asia. It combines the philosophy, beliefs and cultural practices of India. Hinduism is the foundation of all believers view of the world which consequently shapes their lifestyle.Hindu’s achieve this by reading the Vedas, understanding the concept of rebirth in Hinduism’s context, committing to rituals such as the Garbhadhanab or Antyesti and use karma to judge their actions. The Vedas are Hinduism’s sacred scriptures that contain essential revelations received by ancient sages and saints after intense mediation. Followers of Hinduism believe that the Vedas were from God and so exist beyond the grasp of time, having no time of creation of destruction. When everything in the universe is destroyed as part of the cycle of time, the Vedas will remain. The texts are the absolute authority in Hinduism for religious knowledge and test Hindu orthodoxy. The Vedas are divided into 4 separate collections of mantras. The Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. The Rigveda contains hymns which praise gods and other subjects such as the procedure of marriage. Hindus regard the Rigveda as the most important of the Vedas. The Yajurveda consists of prose mantras and sections from the Rigveda. The Yajurveda is more practical then the other Vedas as each mantra required sacrifice of some kind such as a horse. The rituals are not focused on the killing of the animal but the symbol it creates for the deities

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