Religious Symbols

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Part of the religious symbols in today’s world is irrefutable, and religious symbols play the role of unifying members of the common faith tradition. As John Lennon indicated, “The religious symbols are at our mind’s service and not the other way around; our minds aren’t at the service of that symbols”. Some critics claim that overrated faith, being stubborn and radical for trust and religion “sways” itself from different aspects. This may be right since the main ground for the war in Near Eastern and Far Eastern countries is radical religious faiths. However, when it comes to psychological and human rights sides of the religion, we cannot support the idea of prohibition of the religious symbols. Even though it is better not be and overrated…show more content…
This may be true since authorities of the countries, like Syria, Egypt and Lebanese utilize simpleton people, by manipulating them under the name of promotion of the religion, and countries like Iran blames USA on being merciless and not taking people’s faith into consideration. However, religious symbols themselves play the role of stabilization amongst these two fronts. Because, if religious symbols are permitted to demonstrate, this shows tolerance of a particular country to its citizens, and attitude amongst these two fronts is anchoring stable. To put in a nutshell, religious symbols should not be banned owing to the abovementioned reasons. In case of banning, human rights are going to violated, political and social stability are being in the hazard of deterioration. Because these features are the core of the state and if they are interconnected with religious symbols, it shows their crucial part in society. As Oscar Wilde mentioned, “Symbols are not just throw materials, they changed arrival of society through the
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