Reflective Essay On Religious Experience

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Religious Experience Reflecting on one’s religious experiences growing up can be a rigorous task but can also provide a self-reflection if the one reflecting looks at the events in a non-bias manner. I grew up in a non-structured home when it came to religion. My first experiences of religion came from my Dad’s stepdad. He owned a farm out in Bolton and when I was little I would go to the farm on the weekends and assist them on the farm and maybe see my cousins while I was there. At first, I didn’t go to church with my grandfather, but I would watch the religion channel since they only had one tv and it was on what he wanted if it was on at all. Memories are still engraved of watching sermons of John Hagee and others. He stuck out the most to me because he kind of reminded me of my grand…show more content…
Events, miracles, and beliefs match the Egyptian setting so well it told me it was a remake or rebirth of a dead following. Most Christians holidays fall on Pagan days of worship. Example: Christmas is December 25 and during the Pagan holiday season it is winter solstice. the shortest day of the year is December 21 and on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th the sun sets at a stagnate point and on the 25th of December the days are starting to grow longer. I also found sometime ago that Easter is original time where the Days or over powering the Nights and its is also time of fertility hence the rabbit icon with Easter and the old saying fuck like rabbits. I also find it difficult for it to be around the time of the enlightened philosophers and for none of them to mention Jesus in their writings. Granted the world wasn’t as connected as it is now but if a boy brought his dead friend back to life that fell off a roof, to prove his innocence of murder, then people would be talking, and those trade routes would have carried the stories all over. Thus, bringing in powerful parties to take hold and utilize such

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