Factors That Influence American Colonization

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It is very hard to be able to say which factor had a greater impact because to an extent both factors had a huge impact as they coincided with one and other. And basically if you removed one or the other you wouldn’t end up with the same colonies and there is no way of knowing which colonies we would have gotten either. In my opinion I think that the economic factors outweighed the religious factors in colonization. I feel this way because a large number of immigrants migrated to the new colonies in search of a better life as the economy was stronger and possible living standards were better than their previous ones. Let’s not discredit those people who moved to the new colonies to be able to practice their own religion and have their own religious…show more content…
This obviously goes back in saying that when applied in colonies it served the purpose of enriching the mother country of England. England’s key economic concerns with colonies was to get as much wealth from the colonies as they possibly could, which was the key factor for the colonization of British North America. In 1651 The British managed to pass the Navigation Act of 1651. This act stated that all trade between France and English colonies along with Europe and English colonies must be conducted on an English ship. The purpose of this was to improve England’s colony as well as to develop the merchant…show more content…
The English prospered from this because it meant that had excluded those raw materials from trade with other countries. This act also then led to triangular trade which allowed for trade between Europe, Africa and America. The triangular trade was a system in which slaves, crops and manufactured goods were traded. It was implemented to rectify trade imbalances between regions. Triangular trade led to world economy growing rapidly as more goods were being made and traded more than ever before. In conclusion both religious factors and economic factors played a huge role in the colonization of America, but in different ways. The British wanted to ensure economic dominance through their powerful monarch. The new settlers came seeking a better life, along with wanting to create a society based on freedom. To each their
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