Religious Force In Star Wars

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Star Wars Theology
Theology is embedded in almost every part of our lives; what we think, see, feel, etc. Regarding my theology, I would compare the Holy Spirit to the “Force” in the Star Wars Episodes. In multiple episodes, the force is a major element of the movie; without the “Force,” most characters would be powerless. Although, George Lucas does not (forwardly) state that the Force is a religious symbol, the Force does have qualities that could be considered to parallel those of the Holy Spirit; he intended for his audience to think about spiritual matters.
The Holy Spirit is defined as “God’s power in action, his active force.” “The Spirit of God is like the wind it is invisible, immaterial and powerful;” (n.a., 2017) just as the Force
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“First, the Holy Spirit is not a “force” or energy or an “it,” but He’s a person.” “He’s intelligent and has an intellect, He has feelings, and He has a will” (Living, 2012). One source stated that “many Christians have found this celluloid deity unnerving. The Force is too eastern, they complain, and cannot therefore teach Christians anything theologically. Some even believe it to be a ‘mythology … perfectly adapted to the spiritual confusion of post-modern America’ that constitutes an advert for post Christian neo-paganism” (McDowell, 2007). Although the Force can have some characteristics in common with the Holy Spirit, nothing and no one can ever compare to Him. Others state that “the Force is not a personal God to whom one prays, it is not omnibenevolent or ‘all good’. There is a ‘dark side’ to the force, it is not just for good guys., bad guys use it and apparently use it more powerfully than the good guys” (Marshall, 2014). The Holy Spirit is for everyone, not just a select few; it is a relationship rather than a gift. “According to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary, religion is typically defined in three ways; the belief in a god or a group of gods, an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods, and an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person of group” (Asher-Perrin, 2014). The Force is not defined as any of the defined ways of religion, therefore, individuals argue it can not have connections to religion or the Holy
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