Religious Freedom And Religion Essay

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Name: Asdawut Kayankarn What is the relationship between religious freedoms and religious conflicts? Introduction A lot of believers point it out that belief plays a unique role in their lives and it true. Those unbelievers who reject to believe in God as no more credible than belief in Santa Claus or in fairies miss the point. Religion is more than what we think it is because it can change our emotional and our mind. Something that we think it true and we believe in it might be wrong. There is one point that makes religions all the same, which is all religions will lead us to be a good person by teaching us the good things. Religious Freedoms in the Global Context This pie chart shown the percentages of religions of the world Religions are things that human believe in…show more content…
Do you think it fair of other innocent people that do nothing but they were told to be extremist. Like, ISIS they were Terrorism in France and made a very bad reputation on Islam and other people scare of them. Religion conflict and religion freedom are really close to each other, for example too much freedom can cause conflict because of different thought and when people go too far from the religion, it hard for them to come back. This make them believe too much in themselves and they won’t care anything else surround them. There are two types of people in this world positive people; who understand the world and can face the truth and negative people; who cannot huddle the truth and have nothings to believe in, but religion can make these people stay together. Religion is like an object that we cannot see, but when we have it in side our heart. It brings us

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