Religious Freedom In America

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In the United States of America, the citizens are told they have protected freedoms. In many ways this is a very true factor, but the more time goes on it would seem the less serious the government takes these freedoms. If these freedoms are not respected as they should be there may be various problems arise from this. It is believed that Religious freedoms should be more protected, because of the founding fathers’ views, the first amendment, and the rights of citizens in the United States. The founding fathers play a big role in modern day America, because if they wouldn’t have broken away from Great Britain people would not have religious freedoms or many other freedoms. “many people to drift away from the moorings of orthodox religion during the eighteenth century,” (Tindall and Shi, 79). The colonist left Great Britain, so they could have more say in what they believed; they even sat the country up to where no religion would be favored over the other. The wanted freedom, fairness, and justice for all United States citizens. There were many different religious views when the nation began, mostly different forms of Christianity and Native Americans. That is why the founding fathers included that there would be no forced religion, because not all of the colonists…show more content…
In many ways their rights are being disregarded and threatened by visions congress on certain things, this is not a good thing for citizens. Most Americans have not even paid attention to this, and that is not a good thing for the United States. Citizens should realize if they don’t keep up with politics, it is easier for the government to get away with things the United States citizens disagree with. Religion is a choice in the United States, and if an American citizen wishes to speak about it, they should be allowed to if it offends somebody else or
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