Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Rfra)

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During Bill Clinton’s presidency, he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which federally allowed people to deny other people services based on their religious beliefs. Especially during today, people argue over the topic of denial of services based on religious beliefs, but the Democrats are typically against it, while the Republicans support it. Since the RFRA cannot be used within states, various states have created their own version of this Act which has created various tensions between the different parties. The issue of denying services to a person based on religious beliefs is an unjust excuse to avoid facing modern issues because it is immoral, competes with the goal of self-improvement, and conflicts with the legalization…show more content…
These laws allow people to legally discriminate and cover it with the excuse that it violates a person’s beliefs. People are trying to use their religion, something the nation has long grown out of as a reason to justify their poor treatment of others. Even though people are facing modern issues with an immature approach, abuse of the RFRA laws approach the point where it can be used to take away a person’s equality because he or she is too different from most people. Eventually, this will begin to violate the Constitution because it will put the people who constantly abuse the law above the people they use it against. If this law is used excessively, there is a high chance that the nation will return to its dark period of discrimination and will jeopardize people’s equality. The probable chance of discrimination stems from the American population’s tendency to be judgemental. As President Obama reminded the nation, every person in the nation is protected under a federal hate crime law that would make discrimination under this new law illegal. If the RFRAs become abused, the nation will just be creating more problems for…show more content…
An RFRA would allow people to target gay people because of their sexual orientation. Gay marriage is one of the most controversial topics today in politics, so when it was legalized, people were naturally angered because of the two sides to the issue. Because gay marriage is now legalized, people want to find a way that they can find loopholes in gay marriage, so it cannot be completely legal. They do this by using RFRAs which allow people to take actions depending on their religious beliefs. The major issue that RFRAs pertain to is gay marriage, but as President Obama said, “we now live in America where our marriages are equal as well.” Therefore, even though people have different opinions about gay marriage, gay marriages are legal and are not less significant than a heterosexual marriage. Even though RFRAs provide people a way to escape from reality, citizens of the United States will have to be aware that gay marriage is still legal and cannot escape from this fact. Ultimately, although people are trying to avoid the reality of gay marriage, they cannot through RFRAs because they will still see married gay people.
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