Religious Hypocrite In Tartuffe

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In this play, Tartuffe is explained and described as a religious hypocrite or a “poor man” as stated several times in the fifth scene of act one. Tartuffe being the main character in the entirety of this excerpt, he is a man that is valued and favored by many. Tartuffe is discussed by Orgon, the husband of Elmire, he admires Tartuffe to the point of him being a religious factor in the lives of the people not only in the church, but at home as well. Orgon sees a man who has been ridiculed by many people but does not accept the fact that he is one of the few that highly favors him. “You just don’t see him in the way I do.” (1.5.30. p67) This quote stated by Orgon shows how much he cares for him and will not allow any other person to see him as a hypocrite since that is not what he is to Orgon. Claiming that Heaven spoke to him, Orgon proceeds to bring Tartuffe home with him to claim a house that is free of sin being that he will not let any sin in.…show more content…
p65) This statement from Orgon shows that Tartuffe being in his home does not only let any sin inside, but at the same time is on watch for what Elmire does and with whom she does it with. In this scene, Cléante tries to talk sense into Orgon by stating that he is out of his mind but he continues to praise him. Cléante tries hard to bring ridicule to his name, but Orgon is blinded and infatuated by the thought of Tartuffe and all the good he stands for. Being so influenced by him, his judgement is clouded and the idea of a rational thought is gone and is no
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