Religious Language Analysis

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Religion and how language together helped shaped our nation
I found this week’s articles written by Bellah and Rokem a very informative and engaging read. Upon reading the material presented, I contained quite a few compelling things. From Bellah I could detect how our early founding fathers helped shape the constitution with a set of beliefs, symbols, and rituals that according to Bellah, is the American civil religion. Through Rokem, I gained valuable insight into the growing customs of our words including some religious context sometimes provoking violence. With my reflection paper, I hope to help enhance my view of religious language and how it helped shape our national identity, and distinguish between Bellah and Rokem to examine their
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Perhaps a good place to start my analysis might be some clarity of what civil religion is referring to. Patriot is what comes to mind when referring to civil religion. It somewhat involves rituals expressions and beliefs also, it is given high value by our leaders within a society. Bella’s interpretation is a set of beliefs about our American nation, which he views as symbolically spoken in American documents and our own presidential speeches. As a result, to my having more knowledge of civil religion perhaps I can start to identify how it enhanced and defined our…show more content…
For instance, there is another set of beliefs, standards, and our holidays and certain customs are all examples of how religion is a separate educational occurrence. In this case, I think it is easy to see how civil religion has helped shape our nation. It can be traced back to all the importance of presidential languages and all the documents that aided us a nation. Take the Kennedy Inaugural address to the nation he inspires upon us a hope for change and he accomplishes that by many references to god throughout his speech. Also, the declaration of independence, and the constitution are all deeply rooted in our history that shaped us and gave us an equally important set of beliefs for our future. Through our many different high-level public officials, influential documents, and patriot holidays that is what gave us tremendous pride and our identity as a
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