Similarities Between Christianity And Buddhism

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Religious law
To commence, the religious law is the major and most common disparity Christianity and Buddhism. In Christianity, the God is the one who created the entire world, everything he had said will undoubtedly be true, people should believe and follow what he had done without hesitation or judgement. According to (APA STYLE), what God revealed to us is that, ‘I am the Light of the World’, which in the other way means, ‘all things were made by the God, and without Him was not anything made that hath been made.’ Christian declare that believing and following the doctrine of god is the most essential rule of their region.
Buddhism does not believe in god, it advocate its adherent to follow the Buddha’s teachings. Some people may misunderstand that following the teaching of the Buddha is similar or same as what Christian does, however Buddhism urge people to follow the Buddha’s teaching but not worshiping of obeying him. In Buddhism, Buddha is only a role model as he is the first and the only one who
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In Buddhism, the Buddha does not have the ability to save people, but he can tell us how to achieve nirvana by practicing his teachings such as the Five Precept, the Noble Eightfold Path together with the Four Noble Truths. These sutra requires people to monitor themselves in a self-disciplined way, get away from Karma and practice to achieve the “awakened” stage. As to the god’s role in salvation, Christianity is taking different responsibility as Jesus is here to save human being for the evil deed they have done. Mankind do not the capability to save themselves, so Jesus, who likens followers to a family in which all are brothers and sisters of one another and children of one Father, in accordance with the idea “love without limits”, comes and save

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