Religious Symbolism In Anna Akhmatova's Goblin Market

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Religious Symbolism Authors use religious symbolism by using gestures in their works in order to express religious concepts to their readers. states that by placing the symbols in a certain order it establishes the relationship to the form, content, and intention of what the author might be trying to show the readers what is important in their works. Anna Akhmatova, author of “Requiem,” and Christina Rossetti, author of “Goblin Market,” are two authors who use the power of religious symbolism well in their works by connecting them to different events or people in the Bible. In the beginning of “Requiem,” Akhmatova compares her son to Jesus because he was not just an innocent man who was taken he was entombed in the prison just as Jesus was captured and entombed in a tomb even though He was an innocent man as well. She speaks of loneliness, isolation, grief, and the lack of meaningful religious symbols, which are all symptoms from having lack of hope. Religion is replaced with a depressing reality. One major religious symbol Akhmatova uses is the cross because it is a reminder of the pain of suffering and agony that Jesus went through. She relates herself to Jesus’ mother because they both watched their innocent sons be taken away and tortured for no reason. The cross is also…show more content…
Akhmatova’s “Requiem” is not placed in chronological order because it would not have the same influence on her readers, and the stream of consciousness flows together, which connects the spiritual images together. In Rossetti’s “Goblin Market,” she uses spiritual imagery to point to the readers where the different meanings of the poem could be by mirroring the events to events that were in the Bible. Rossetti ends her poem
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