Religious Symbols In Public Places Essay

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Should authorities be more lenient on religious symbols that are a requirement of the person? Also, should there be a limit to physical or material expressions of faith? According to Tariq Ramadan, “Religious symbols should be visible in public space, in a dignified and non-provocative manner, Christmas trees here, Jewish menorahs there and, further along, a minaret – these symbols represent human life in all its diversity.”
Religious symbols are a large unit of religion. Each symbol displays something so essential in a religion, and without them, it would seem like something tremendous is missing from that religion. There are a great number of symbols, and each symbol represents something, which happened beforehand with God, and that symbol
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In some schools mostly in Europe there are dress codes, which limit people wearing choice. For example, in France some schools forbid wearing hijab for Muslim women, however, a Muslim woman who wears hijab feels as if hijab gives her a sense of power and identity, which makes her feel good about herself. It gives her a sense of empowerment which comes from doing what she feels is right to enhance her personal connection to God. It is clear that women in hijab are Muslims, but their personal identities reach beyond what they wear. They have a feeling of belonging to someone or something that is greater than themselves in terms of their beliefs and that of their community. A woman who wears hijab is called a muhajabat. A muhajabat explains that she makes a choice to wear hijab, because it protects her from men’s attention in the sexual way. Every Muslim woman feels as if hijab allows her to focus on her moral, educational, and professional development, more than her appearance. This example shows that, prohibiting people to wear their religious symbol means destroying their view of life, way of expressing themselves, and stealing their rights, because religion is a part of their life and who they are for this reason it cannot be taken

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