Religious Symbols In Public Places

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Against Religious Symbols in Public Places Religious symbols in public places can cause many disagreements. Parks, public gardens, schools, hospitals, and concert venues are all examples of public places. Many countries in the world practice multiple religions. For example, not every person believes in Christianity or in Buddhism. What if someone wrote ‘Jesus is with you’ by a Christian, and a Muslim started laughing and saying that only Allah is God. They will start to argue about it. Many people have different beliefs and values; therefore, religious symbols in public places may cause conflicts. Mainly, I want to answer why religious symbols should be banned on government properties. Government shouldn’t support any religion. The state cannot discriminate against religion. The state is owned by the people, and it’s made by the people. In most countries in the world today, religion and the state are separated. A state should be neutral about religion. The state cannot protect one religion because people of other religions may become angry. I believe that if a government supports and shows what religion they believe in, it would persuade people on liking that religion over another. Since the state has more power, they can influence the people. “…private organizations — including churches — it cannot discriminate against others…” (Ragosta, In workplaces, religion shouldn’t be a subject that is discussed. If you wear or display religious symbolism on your
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