Religious Symbols In Religion

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Look around you, what do you see? Do you see objects that hold any significance or are they just considered ordinary? It’s quite challenging to see ordinary objects and devise a figurative and concentrated meaning. Many of the things that are seen and used in everyday life have very significant meanings. These objects are considered symbols. Symbols are defined as, a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract (online dictionary). Everything that we see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste has a symbolic and appreciated meaning. All objects carry symbolic traits that equate to symbolism throughout the world and throughout various context. A fitting definition of symbolism is…show more content…
Many religions use the same objects, however, the definition of that object depends on the religion and its history and/ or story. Many of the attitudes and beliefs that are formed towards certain animals, clothing, colors, and so forth are due to the adoption of moral and religious beliefs that have been passed down through generations. An individual’s religious background plays an outstanding role in their perception and definition of many objects. The use of symbols can be seen throughout all of the World religions. Religious ideas have created many of the symbols; and in turn the symbols themselves help to communicate and strengthen the religious ideas, (Mbiti, 1975).Take, for instance, Christianity, the cross is a symbol of salvation, love and justice. As well as the ocean symbolizes life, impermanence, deities and so much more within the Hindu religion. Symbols carry an imperative value throughout each religion, not only for the religion itself but for each individual that’s invested into…show more content…
For the individuals that attracted a multitude of these shells, it was a sign of favor from the goddess of the ocean. These persons were also considered a part of the Ocean Spirit of wealth and earth family, (Diary of Anegress, 2012). Therefore, these shells are a symbol of prosperity, destiny and favor, (Diary of Anegress, 2012). The spiritual symbol basically came from the concept that the all-powerful and generous goddess that was in charge of the ocean used them as a reward mechanism for the people that magnified her and did well by her. Cowrie shells were also a representation of the Goddess of protection which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean. Her might could be seen with her wrath. She was a loved goddess as well as greatly feared by the people who knew her power. This goddess was addressed as Mote or the “mommy of water”; she showed how she could either be very rewarding or the ways in which she could be destructive and bring sorrow, (Gaibole, 2005). Hence, the use of cowrie shells. Another symbolic aspect of cowrie shells would be their continued assistance in fertility. These shells throughout various parts of African and in some the eastern world as fertility agents that ensure reproduction in the womb of the females that wear them. Within Indigenous African Traditional Religion, Cowries shells are worn on a band that around
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