Religious Symbolism In Schools Essay

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Religious symbols being displayed in schools has caused a significant amount of controversy and debate, particularly in what could be considered a more liberal and free thinking global society. The state of societies and nations today seem to follow a secular position of government with there being no influence of religion on the operations of government. However, a more common scenario is that of a clear distinction between religion and state. Whilst the question posited asks us to determine whether or not school should display religious symbols in the classroom, the more significant question should be to what extent is there a separation of state and religion, and can it be justifiable in a supposed secular state for religious symbols to…show more content…
I firmly believe that religious understanding and tolerance is a crucial part of education. Without learning about other cultures religious and philosophical views, we limit our ability to form part of a global community. The use of religious symbols as a supplement to a curriculum that incorporates the teaching of global religions should not be disparaged but advocated in order to ensure a more well-rounded system of education that accommodates the interconnected world we live in. To deny states the right to display religious symbols within schools, to a certain extent censors a significant part of society. Religion and faith has been at the centre point of culture since the earliest civilisations, whilst the importance and control these religions have has drastically diminished it seems illogical to dismiss their historical and cultural relevance by denying religious symbols to be present in schools. Cases that can be made in favour of education about alcohol and drugs highlight the necessity for children to have an understanding of how to act in accordance with the laws of their state, enabling children grow up with a complete understanding of the world they will live in. This can be transposed to allow for religious symbolism in classrooms, the absence of religious symbols within a classroom would lead to a weaker understanding of what it means to follow a
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