Religious Themes In The Lemonade

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Throughout the Lemonade movie, there is a continuous motif of spirituality that helps the artist communicate her messages. Beyoncé manages to include these religious themes from a variety of belief systems in her work with some help from elements of cinematography and qualified lyricists. By doing so, the artist targets a wider demographic as her audience and aims to be mostly understood by the entirety of her viewers. One prominent culture embodied in the visual exclusive would be that of the Yoruba people in Nigeria and Benin. Beyoncé, due to her ancestry, is keen on putting forth the culture and religious beliefs of the Yoruba people. The artist therefore alludes to two Orishas of this religious system by the means of visual representation and play on words in her lyrics. The first Orisha that is depicted in the film is Elegba, the deity of the crossroads, pathways, chaos and peace. He is an important figure, in that he must be invoked to access the other Orisha. In Intuition, Beyoncé is seen performing a prayer on her knees in front of a red curtain, which is a form of a pathway, wearing a black sweatshirt. The color scheme of the scene matches the colors that Elegba is commonly represented with, while the song “Pray You Catch Me” hints at a more theological message present in the visuals. Going hand in hand with his duty as a deity, Elegba foreshadows the upcoming religious references and serves as a gate into the spiritual world within the artist’s mind. The other

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