Religious Voice In The World Analysis

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Religious Voices in the World by Lara Popoola

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Good morning/afternoon ladies and Mr Burcin, throughout this Powerpoint I will be explaining my outlook on Religious Voice in the World, what is means to me and which organisations and individuals demonstrate the Catholic Social teachings in today's society. After doing this assignment, my views on what are Religious Voices and who has them changed. Previously I believed only people in the Church could have a Religious Voice in the World, However having a Religious Voice in the World can be as simple as expressing your views on situations you believe could be improved or attempting to help those who are less fortunate. You and me have a Religious Voice in the World it just is how you can gather ways to help others and how well you can project your ideas to actually make a change in the World and the best part is Anyone can have a Religious voice in the World, no matter religion, race or gender, as the CST “Dignity of the Human Person” shows how we are all made in the Image of God and all deserve to be heard.

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For example, if you want to see good things do good things like helping the less fortunate and eventually it will become like a domino effect and will teach other to do the same. You could show your Religious voice in the world by helping others who are sick or poor, caring for others, Talking to others and letting them know you are there to help or doing random acts of kindness. I will challenge myself to be a Religious Voice in the world by going out of my way to show my support for others who need it. I will try to become a better person by doing these acts of kindness and hopefully my helping others will spread and help to really manifest the Catholic Social teachings. Thank you for
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