Relocation Policy Of 1948 Essay

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The Indian Relocation policy of 1948 was aimed at modernizing the common Indian. It was created by the Bureau of Indian affairs and the motion carried by the government. The program was designed to transform the rural native population into an assimilated urban workforce. The policy was framed to sell the many job possibilities that were present in the urban areas as and as such Relocation offices were set up in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dallas. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) employees were supposed to orient new arrivals and manage financial and job training programs for them. The program had many pitfalls; The BIA acted as an employment program which offered no financial support for individuals and families who had started new lives. Employment was often seasonal; the quality of life poor due to the fact that jobs were often very…show more content…
Indians were seen as a part of the citizen ship of the country as they were given the opportunity to enjoy the rights of all Americans. One such right was the ability to join the armed forces to defend the country in World War Two which gave the Native American a sense of belonging. Furthermore the Federal government through congress in 1946 acknowledged the fact that they had mistreated Native Americans and offered compensation to the tune of 800 million dollars which did more harm than good as it caused unwanted internal conflicts within tribes. Another development to improve life for Native Americans and its relationship with the government was the reintroduction of self governance which aimed to preserve the cultural predilection of Native Americans to tribal governance in which they are able to make and adhere to their own rules and
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