Reluctant Fundamentalist Summary

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Reluctant fundamentalist is written by Mohsin Hamid a Pakistani-American novelist who has made the character of protagonist a Glocal one, (a mixture of global and local) this is a term recently coined by postcolonial writers to show the ever clashing mixture of local and global dualities in immigrant’s self personality. I am discussing how the people in totally alien culture are with different predicaments, dilemmas as well as contradictions threatening their self identity. In the line with Edward Said’s: “the east writes back” this line shows how Reluctant Fundamentalist is a reaction to the discourse of colonization from Pakistani side (stand for East) and welcomes decolonization.
Mohsin Hamid, a Postcolonial writer deals with the issue of identity, hybridity, subaltern culture, mimicry, indigenous colonialist and superiority in Reluctant Fundamentalist. These result from the interaction among Erica, a white American woman, Changez, Pakistani Muslim and Chris, an ex-boyfriend of Erica in the
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This conduct is marked by constant interferences, interventions and even occupation of other countries. This has alienated Changez from America, in spite of the fact that he was the product of American system, as propounded by Bhabha. This shows the impact of American political policies upon people like Changez. However, while Changez is made to feel the outsider in his America, much of his social exile is self-imposed. That he chooses to develop his appearance to match the Western stereotype of an Islamist only furthers his alienation, and one is forced to question whether he is an outsider spurned or a malcontent extricating himself from a society he no longer idolizes. This is important, as it is not simply America who rejects Changez, but Changez who rejects the American ideal – whether one is borne from the other is difficult to
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