Remarkable Woman Response Essay

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Remarkable Woman Response My response to this article about Suskind is she 's doing a great thing. Giving these kids who under different circumstances would be deprived of something that they needed for survival or to appreciate things that the rest of us take for granted things like: music, laughter, even the voice of a loved one. While I do agree with what she 's doing I can 't help think about the ramifications that will come from this like what some doomsday people claim is the singularity when man and machine combine into one. From a sociological standpoint, this has ramifications that will not only offer an opportunity to learn languages, but also will help them in a culture that passes on the tradition through stories and songs that are part of the symbolic interaction this may also affect their Social inequality for being a disabled member as well as their role in the community. This would help with the Assimilation back into the general populace.…show more content…
Just simple things that I take for granted like music or the voice of a loved one would be completely foreign concept to me as someone who has never heard a voice before it’s something that to other is a part of daily life would be a miracle for me who would have gone their whole life without sound. In this day and age based on the types of jobs one would be able to get with this disability Such as certain jobs that relies on ones ability to communicate with others such as service, sales, and many others that require you to interact with
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