Remedial Communication Problems

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Question 1 Identify five problems which this school is facing. i) Poor communication between learners and educators ii) Racial mix and different culture iii) Lack of parental involvement in academic progress iv) Learning difficulties v) Low participation of students in school extra-curricular activities Question 2 What solutions would you, as a teacher leader, propose to address the problems identified above? i) Poor communication between learners and educators Communication between educator and learner is essential in the delivery of pedagogy, classroom management and interaction with the class (Saunders and Mills, 1999). An effective educator is one who conveys honest satisfaction and commitment to their students. She tries to understand her students’ dream, fear and hopes with continuous communication. As teacher leader, I would bridge this communication gap by using the facilitator teaching style to make my classroom management interactive. For example carry out a brainstorming at the beginning of a class can encourage students to participate actively. Educators can praise those who are participating hence…show more content…
Students come to school with a variety of experiences determined by their culture, pattern of socialisation, abilities and previous education. It is believe that all children have their own abilities and strength and they learned at different pace. Remedial classes cater for students of mixed abilities where the educator addresses to the weakness of her learner. It does not mean classes for students who underachieve only but it is also classes that are being carried out when students have not understood a topic properly or for students who were absent. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers. The ultimate aim of remedial teaching is to help pupils who have fallen behind to learn to the best of their ability and to bring them back into the mainstream classes as far as
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