Remember By Joy Harjo Essay

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Humans as a race are slowly forgetting their roots. In the Poem “Remember” the author Joy Harjo uses examples of literary devices such as repetition, symbolism, and personification throughout her essay. She does so to convey her message that people need to remember what they have and not to take things for granted. Her effective use of these devices helps persuade the reader to agree with her views.
In the poem “Remember”, author Harjo uses metaphors to convey a strong message. “Remember the sky you were born under, know each of the star’s stories.”( Harjo line 1). This metaphor is telling the reader to remember the now, to understand the stories of the people around them, “the star’s stories.” All too often humans go on autopilot and go through the motions of the day, not taking the time to appreciate the small things or getting to know that cute girl they met, but are too busy with work that seems useless later. Humans would not be unique from one another if they were all the same. A person's story is what makes them
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“Remember the moon, know who she is.” (Harjo line 3) shows that the moon should be viewed as more than just a large rock in the sky, it’s much more than that. The moon is given a female persona to let the reader know that it is important and has significant value. This is also shown in the line “Remember the sun's birth at dawn,” (Harjo line 5) The sun is what allows there to be life on earth. We should love and respect it for what it is.
In the poem “Remember” the author Joy Harjo brings to attention the issue that humans are forgetting their roots. Remembering all the wrong things like meaningless fights, and silly bad memories. Harjo wants wants people to analyze the finer details of life, to “remember” the little things that are the most important in life, to live in the now. Respect one another, live for each other and love the planet we’re
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