Remember Me Scene Why Aren T You Riveted?

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This analysis will be on the film Remember Me scene Why aren’t you riveted? It is written by William Fetters and directed by Allen Coulterin 2010. The audience for this film would be young adults, as it is based on the life of two young college students struggling with life who eventually fall in love. This romantic drama tells the story of Tyler Hawkins strained relationship with his businessman absentee father, Charles. Tyler sister, Caroline joins an exhibit to showcase her artwork. Her mother Diane and Tyler is worried that their father Charles won’t show up to the art exhibit to support Caroline. Tyler invites his father to dinner with him before the art show to ensure that he shows up. Tyler’s father arrives late to the dinner apologetic and proceeds with the rest of the evening. Charles gets a call from his office and says, “I have to go but I 'll meet you at the exhibit.” The night goes on and Charles was a no-show to Caroline 's exhibit and she is heartbroken and Tyler is furious that he continues to let them down. Tyler rides his bike to his father 's business meeting and yells at him. He asks Charles why aren’t you riveted by everything Caroline does. The clients of Tyler 's father tries to leave the room and he yells, "Sit the fuck down!" Tyler then goes on to say, “the rest of your children are going to hang…show more content…
In this particular sequence there is only a faint sound effect of a ding when Tyler enters the room which can predict the confrontation that is about to happen within the sequence. The communication between father and son is very intense and proves how strained their relationship is. The diegetic sound of Charles helps shows the reality the characters are living in. The non-diegetic mysterious sound starts when Tyler bursts into the conference room. The music truly helps to sets the mood of what is going to happen. The non-diegetic sound of a gate prying open in the next scene helps the audience to know that the narrative has
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