Remember The Titans Analysis

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The Civil Rights Movement was a struggle for African Americans to gain social justice. This occurred between the 1950s and 1960s, and was very hard to overcome. At this time, blacks weren’t able to attend the same schools as whites, and be on the same team as them, which showed up in the movie and showed immediate controversy at the beginning of it. In Remember the Titans, the “Titans” are a racially mixed football team with an African American head coach, and a white assistant coach. Music was a binding force for the team, because it made them happy, encouraged them to want to play better on the field, and got them focused on the game, and it gave them a sense of hope through the toughness of racial segregation of some on the team.

First of all, music was was very powerful for the team, because music made them happy. In the movie, when the Titans were singing in the bus, smiles appeared on their faces. Usually if you’re smiling, it signals happiness. Also, when the players were in the locker room, they would close their eyes and join in when a player from their team started singing. To me, this meant that singing would brighten their mood and make them happier. Overall, music brought the team
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While the TItans were in their locker room before their game, they would warm up by singing and getting focused. After they would do this, they would play very well on the field and seem very focused on winning. During the State Championship Game, while Bertier was in the hospital paralyzed, the Titans sang to distract themselves from their captain not being able to play, and just get focused on doing good for themselves. This helped them focus better, and overall be good team players. All in all, music was an inspirational force for the team, because it got them focused, and encouraged to play better on the
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