Racism And Conflicts In The Film Remember The Titans

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Remember the Titans is based on a true story, the film is about American sports. In 1971, at the T.C. Williams high school, under the racial integration policy, a black football coach – Herman Boone, is hired to coaching an all white institution’s football team and he replaces the current white coach Yoast to be the new head coach. Yoast felt he was offended by ask him work with a black coach. Boone offered an assistant coaching position to Yoast. At the beginning, Yoast refused Boone’s offer, but reconsidered after the white players said they will leave with him if he does not coaching them. In order to help his players achieve their goals, Yoast changed his mind and accepted the position of assistant coach. In order to prepare for the upcoming games, Coach Boone brings entire team to camp. But the black and white football team members cannot get alone with each other, there were many conflicts because racism at their football camp. But Coach Boone found many different ways to create cohesion and helped the football team players begin to knowing each other and the team achieves racial harmony. For instance, at the beginning of camp, Coach Boone mixed black and…show more content…
For instance, when the other team made fouls during the game, the referees pretend didn’t see it and allow it happens. Finally, the Titans won this game. Coach Boone, under Coach Yoast’s assistant and with his beliefs, successfully push a mixed of black and white players football team to the top spot. And also write a success story about black and white racial integration. Remember the Titans reflects a lot of organizational behaviors concepts. For instance, Diversity, organizational culture, conflict and so on. In the following pages I would like to explain more about organizational behavior concepts represented in the movie.
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