Remember The Titans Diversity

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Have you ever felt like you don't belong even though it's where you are supposed to be? In the film Remember the Titans the director Boaz Yakin’s shows how the football team felt that same way. Yakins showed how they got over it throughout coming together to build a community, through unity, acceptance, and through self-fulfillment. When the titans built their sense of community all the team players showed a different side to the other teammates, as the team was becoming more accepted and the team started to feel self-fulfilled.

With the Titans working on coming together during training camp a sense of community is already being established as the team must find a way to work together. One time Gerry and Julius really bonded at camp was
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At Gerry’s funeral, you can see that unity is there as Sheryl points out “People say that it can't work between black and white, while here we make it work every day, we have our disagreements of course, but before we reach for hate always, always remember the titans.” That even when death happens unity is unity and it doesn’t go away no matter how long. Acceptance and unity are when Coach Boone says “The Titans were stronger than the gods.” Looking from the beginning to this the team has come so far with accepting one another and finding unity, and making them one of the best playing teams to ever play. When there's community everyone feels like they…show more content…
Boaz Yakin uses point of view shots in the beginning when Coach Boone's family first moves in and in the end when Coach Boone has the team win the last game. The first point of view is with the neighbours complaining about how they are a coloured family. The second point of view is when Coach Boone comes home and the entire neighbourhood is cheering for him, this shows a sense of community and growth as they went from not even giving them a shot to being really happy for them. After the game Gerry gets hit by a car and ends up in the hospital, in the waiting room is the entire football team waiting to find out the news. That shows a big sense of community as everyone is coming together. When Julius goes into visit Gerry in the hospital room the nurse says “kin only.” Then Gerry replies “Alice are you blind, don't you see the family resemblance, he’s my brother.” Gerry and Julius came a long way from hating each other and being extremely racist to being brothers from another mother. When you go from feeling like you belong nowhere to feeling like you have a home you feel wonder about yourself and others, as others have taken you in and cared for you in ways others haven't. In that alone you can feel self-fulfilled as you go from having no one to call your family to having more people then you could have imagined and that's an amazing feeling. Despite their differences the titans worked hard
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