Remember The Titans Film Analysis

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Remember the Titans

Based in a real story, the film Remember the Titans shows what happened in United States during the 70’s. A white high school was integrated with black students from another high school in order to break racial segregation. Both football teams had to be unified, and the black coach was chosen to be the head coach of the football team. Although at the beginning there was no respect and harmony, they started to get to know each other and get along. When they returned from the camp the prejudices still stayed in the thoughts of the rest of people and the players had to face many difficulties, but they managed to stick together as a team and win the season.

First of all I would like to point out that the words “black people” and “white people” are in themselves discriminatory words and discriminatory descriptions to distinguish between “races”. We are human beings with different
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This film is made for boys because girls are under-evaluated: they do not develop an important role; they are cheerleaders or someone’s girlfriend. Besides, when there’s a strong girl in a film, she always needs a man who takes care of her. But what happens in films happens in real life: it is very difficult to find sports played by girls in TV. In the films like She’s the Man and Bend It Like Beckham, they suggest that even though girls want to play (in both cases football) they found quite difficult to develop their passions: either they were under-evaluated or the people who surrounded them thought sport was a ‘man thing’. Having said that, we can conclude that it is a contradiction to find racism and machismo in sport if sport is defined as friendship, respect, ambition, work group, sense of belonging, loyalty and support, and other positive
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