Remember The Titans Leadership Style Analysis

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By definition, Leadership is “the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization.” Leadership to some is natural, to others strange and to some a scary or frightening thing. Some would say you are born with it and others say, your experiences make it, but we have found out over time that neither are entirely right or wrong. We have seen leaders of all shapes, sizes, types and styles come before us throughout time. In the following essay, I will be discussing two leaders, President Lincoln and Coach Boone, in the movies Lincoln and Remember the Titans. I will give a semi-quick summary of both two movies, as to get you up to speed. Then…show more content…
Two school, one all white school and one black, where integrated forming T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. The school board chose Coach Boone, a successful coach at an all-black high school, as its new head football coach. Coach Boone recognized that players of different races where playing on the same team for the first time. Coach Boone had a mandatory or highly encouraged training camp set up prior to the football season. At this training camp players bonded and learned to trusted one another no matter what the color each teammate. Many hardships followed the training camps, but only from the other side of the ball and socially. Other teams that were not integrated still showed their biases, but this did not stop the Titans. As they continued to win on the field the community and families accepted change and embraced it. Coach Boone and the team had a fight around every corner, but fight they did, all the way to a championship and a perfect…show more content…
This type of leadership is the process where a leader engages his followers by raising their level of motivation through empowerment, learning, trust, and communication. After summarizing both movies above we can see that this type of leadership applies to both movies. This style of leadership came to light in just the second scene in Lincoln when we saw President Lincoln taking the time to speak to Soldiers before they heading out to battle. He showed his compassion towards his Soldiers and the civilians populace and was willing to take time to sit and talk to them about their issues or concerns. Coach Boone did not have Soldiers, but his Soldiers were his football players. He also had to be firm, trust and communicate effectively with his players to motivate them through the rough times, segregation. Coach Boone like Lincoln had to establish their Soldiers and players trust and build their confidence higher than ever before to achieve greatness in a world that many did not want them to succeed. Both Lincoln and Coach Boone showed us their leadership was unmeasurable and at these times when many would have run for the hill, but they persevered, gaining both community and a countries
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