Movie Summary: Remember The Titans Football Team

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Remember the Titans is about a football team that overcomes diversity when the school gets changed from an all-white school to an interracial school. A lot of people are not pleased with the decision. The previous white players are not happy to hear that coach Boone, which is an African American, is going to take the head coaching position. The original football players were portrayed to be against the incoming players because they did not want to lose the starting positions. In the end, the team ended up overcoming the differences to have a good season.
The movie shows how people feel about the schools being integrated. Race was a big thing, although it was not as big of a deal as shown in the movie. The teammates did not even fight about
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Coach Boone also got a gun in the movie and walked outside. Though he did not have a gun back then. That’s another situation where coach Boone is shown as a tougher individual than he was. The movie does a good job showing how much the kids in the movie did not want an African American coach taking coach Yoast’s job. CBS news quotes ““Being a tough coach in that era; that 's all we knew," says Boone, who is portrayed in the film by Denzel Washington. "We were supposed to be the hard, tough-nosed father-type person, and that wasn 't difficult for me because that 's all I knew."” That goes into the role of being a tough coach that the coaches had to take on. Coaches were also portrayed as being harder on kids than they are in the modern days. Football coaches also take on father role models for some of the players. Being tough helps with that because the players must respect the coaches. Lewis Lustik had trouble with school, which is shown multiple times in the movie. Coach Boone tell Lewis that he can make it to college and that he wants to see his grades, so he can guide him to success off the football field. That is one of the few times coach Boone reveals a soft side towards the players. That also shows viewers that some coaches do care about student’s success off the
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