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Berardinelli, James. "Remember the Titans." Reelviews Movie Reviews. N.p., 2000. Web. 16 Apr. 2016. Berardinelli’s article takes a look at the minor things viewers of the film are exposed to and the way racism is underestimated in this film. He also talks about the presence of Denzel Washington as an actor and how his character is given depth and complexity. The author also looks at other individuals that played in the film with a strong performance. He also writes about how the word “nigger” is not used once in the film along with low violence helped keep it rated PG instead of PG 13 or even R. He goes on to say that the film Remember the Titans in a notch above other films because of its social message. This article, though somewhat disagrees…show more content…
The author describes how psychologist use methods to reduce prejudice between two groups. She mentions that the film follows the steps of classic studies on how to get two different groups of people to overcome their differences. She points out that making the boys spend time with the other race and learning about them helped show no all of that race is the same. She also tells how the coaches treated each player the same regardless of race helped show they were all equal. The author also mentions the parents of the children seeing their children friending another race helped the parents face their own prejudices. She gives a good look at how the movie follows psychologist steps to overcome…show more content…
In 1971, T. C. Williams High School hires a black head coach, Herman Boone, to lead the school's newly desegregated football team. Bill Yoast, a nominee for the Virginia High School Hall of Fame, becomes the team’s defensive coordinator. During their practices, black and white football team members often clash in racial conflicts. The biggest fights occur between the white captain, Gerry Bertier, and black player, Julius Campbell. In time, Boone is able to achieve racial harmony on the team. Bertier and Campbell become close friends. Many people in the community do not want a black coach at their high school. The loss of even a single game will result in Coach Boone losing his job. The Titans go through a winning season and the team slowly gains support from the

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