Remember The Titans: Segregation In Society

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Remember The Titans
Throughout history, black and white people have been segregated in society. we used to be segregated in schools, in public, and even in the workplace. The movie Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, takes place in 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia. People back then were more prejudice than they are today. Society then, was greatly split between the two race populations. The main social issue in the movie was racism because the white people in the town did not want the african americans to be in the same school let alone play on the same football team as the black students. They did not want to be coached by coach Boone because he was hired by the school as the new head coach and replaced coach Yoast after he coached majority of the white player throughout their childhood.
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The film makes the greatest impact by showing that people are all the same on the inside no matter what they look like. It showed how much better things would be if people worked together and accepted their differences. First the film takes place in 1971, when racial segregation is still very alive. There is a football team that is made of white coaches and players. A new coach is hired and he is african american. the white football players refuse to play for him. Coach Boone offers coach Yoast a position as the defensive coordinator. The team does not get along with each other until Boone brings them together. Coach Boone is an african american coach that has won many championships. Coach Yoast was head coach for the titans for years before and was up for the hall of fame. Gerry Bertier was a prominant football player. He was an all american player. Julius Campbell was an african american football player. Gerry and Julius were the leaders of their group of

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