Remember The Titans Situational Leadership Analysis

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Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership theory suggests that a successful leader will base their leadership style on the ability and willingness of their followers (Langton, Robbins, Judge, & Breward, 2013). The movie, Remember the Titans, centres on the developing relationship between the football team and their leader, Coach Boone.
In the beginning of the movie, it is apparent that the followers were both unable and unwilling. The first instance being, when they are introduced to the coach and the new mixed race players who were now going to be a part of the team in the gymnasium. The white members showed up tardy to the first meeting, showing that they do not care for the new coach or the new team members. It is evident that both races
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Louie’s act is a step further to removing the barriers between the two races. Coach Boone then states that everyone must bond with their teammates until they have gotten to know every single one (Bruckheimer & Yakin, 2000). By doing so he is forcing the teammates to get to know each other, in order to establish a bond between them. The team also shows a willingness to cooperate when they are woken up at three-o-clock in the morning to run to the site where the Battle of Gettysburg took place. The team continually supported and motivated each other on their run. Another example is when Gerry calls out Ray, both white members of the football team, for not blocking Rev, a black member of the team. Thus, proving they are unable to play together, but are willing to do so.
However, the willingness of the team is disrupted by the increasing tensions that arise at school as it is not a norm for black and white people in the 70’s to be seen together. After they win their first game, they go to celebrate at a restaurant where the owner refuses their services because there were African-Americans amongst them (Bruckheimer & Yakin, 2000). The Titans are able of getting along to some capacity, but it becomes increasingly difficult for them because of racial issues. The problem becomes more apparent when Ray
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