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9-3 Remember The Titans Theme
No matter what adversity or fear we may confront, we are always inherently free to choose how to be. This is exactly what director Boaz Yakin was trying to convey to his audience. In literature, theme is defined as the overall topic of a piece of writing. Theme is universal which means people can find a way to relate to it regardless of race, culture, or religion. There is often numerous themes in a piece of literature. In the movie Remember the Titans we see the struggle between blacks and whites in the south. It takes place in the 1970’s in Alexandria Virginia. The school has been racially segregated for years, but now that some other schools have been
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Firstly, people overcome life altering disabilities. For example, Gerry gets into a horrible accident with a semi and is paralyzed from the waist down. In the hospital Gerry says, “I’ve been reading up on the activities that they got for people in wheelchairs and such.” This shows that Gerry keeps on persevering and never gives up hope. He later goes on to win a gold medal for shot put in the Paralympics. This relates to the theme because it shows that you can overcome a disability no matter how big it may seem. Secondly, some disabilities are just minor. For example, Ray misses his block on purpose, resulting in Rev getting tackled. Rev breaks his wrist and can’t play for the rest of the season. The team carries on, with Rev supporting from the sidelines. This relates to the theme because it is only a minor disability, but it still has huge effects on the victim and the people around them. But this doesn't get the Titans down, they use this as initiative to try harder, and never give up. Thirdly, some disabilities can be defined as something as simple as a disadvantage. For example, some of the boys on the team are disabled in the fact that they are not as skilled as the ‘star players’, but they are advantageous and try their best no matter what. This relates to the theme because the boys don’t let their disabilities overpower their abilities. These are just a few of the many reasons as to how the movie Remember The Titans displays overcoming

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