Remembering Life Review

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Similarity and difference between Remembering and Life Review
Remembering is a synonymous to reminiscence. It is the recall of memories, which is usually characterized by simple day dreaming, storytelling or nostalgia by oneself or with others (Haber 2006). While a life view is typically structured around one or more life themes, how these memories contribute to the meaning of life and coming to terms with more difficult memories (Haber 2006). During ones journey through life, a lot of events occurred, which one remember with either sadness or joy, sometimes, remembering them evaluation on how these events has affects one’s life can be done differently and accepting one’s faults and making peace with self goes a long way to show how an older
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Also, “the resolution of past conflicts and issues, attornment for past acts or inaction, and reconciliation with family members and friends” (Butler, 2002). During the interview, JO said he has resolve past conflicts and issues; he is neither afraid of death nor future. He denies been lonely, his friends and family are always around him which enables him to tell his life stories so that people can learn from them.
Erikson Developmental Stage
Haber (2006) points out that Erickson’s eight steps deal with the challenges an individual attempts to resolve in one stage before moving to the next stage. The eight stage deals with ego integrity and despair. Haber (2006) defined ego integrity as a basic acceptance of ones life as having been inevitable, appropriate, and meaningful while despair is associated with resentment, guilt and regret. According to Erickson, a life review can help older adults to accept life with few or no regret.
Many older adults reflects back on their life and what they managed to accomplished, which makes they face some psychological conflicts. For each conflict, there are two possible outcome: a positive one or negative
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