Schindler's Argumentative Essay

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possible motives and his main focus was his business, surprisingly had a change of heart for the victims of the Holocaust. After witnessing the chaotic scene unfold in the Jewish Ghettos, Schindler had realized that many needed his help and aspired to do something greater to help the Jews. For example, by already establishing a factory, Schindler wanted to employ as many Jews as he possibly can to ensure their safety. He was willing to negotiate with the few rich Jews to invest in the factory to secure their safety in the factory. One factory was not enough to satisfy his fulfillment to save more Jews, Schindler invested in other factories to transfer as many Jews; hence saving more lives from inevitable death. Another example is, after finding…show more content…
The author Page included Schindler's former wife, Emilie Schindler's opinions about her husband's legacy. Surprisingly, Emilie has criticized Schindler, highlighting his true intentions on helping the Jews, in order to gain attention to help promote her book. Although Schindler's motives remain unknown, the survivors appreciate and only recognize Schindler's bravery. I have to agree, no matter the intentions behind Schindler's actions, Oskar has made a huge impact. If Schindler did not act, as many as 1,300 innocent lives may have been taken. Page emphasizes on the fact that rather than focusing on Schindler's motives, lets focus on the great actions he risked himself on doing. Many lives of men, women and children were saved thanks to Schindler, without him, many lives would have ended in the hands of Nazis. The fact that many discredit Schindler's heroic actions due to his dark history of a businessman displeases me. Schindler's impact is widely disputed but, meant the world to the survivors. “No one knows exactly what motivated Oskar Schindler to do what he did... the most important fact is he saved over 1,300 lives and made it possible for them to survive and for over 6,000 members of families to be alive today” (Page). The quote explains Schindler's positive effect on the Jewish community. Despite many criticizing Schindler due to his unknown motives, Schindler is a hero for saving many innocent lives and deserve to be remembered as a hero to
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