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Remington’s history goes back a long way and is very extensive involving many conflicts around the world. Many of the products that this company has designed were based on ingenuity, the american dream, and the need for company expansion. The Remington company was founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington. This company has been around for 200 years, claiming to be America 's oldest firearm and ammunition company. The reason for the development of this company is what the american dream is based on. He thought that he could build a better rifle than he could buy so he built his own that turned into a massive company. Eliphalet Remington really got started with his company before he knew it. His father was a blacksmith and wanted to expand his…show more content…
In the fall of 1816, at just 23 years old he competing in a shooting match and scored 2nd. The other shooters were so impressed with the rifle that they started asking him to make their rifles. When this company was developed in 1816 the company started off as E. Remington and Sons. In 1828 the company moved to Ilion, New York in a building that is still used for production to this day. Then in 1888 the company was sold to Marcellus Hartley and Partners. They were big investors back in the day, they did this by buying Remington and already owning Winchester and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company. When the company was bought the name was then changed to the more famously known Remington Arms Company. In 1865 Remington became incorporated as a stock. Later in 1912 the Remington Arms Company and Union Metallic Cartridge Company merged into one company and turned into Remington U.M.C. Then during the Great Depression Remington was purchased by DuPont Corporation. Later Remington acquires Chamberlain Trap & Target of Ohio. The Remington company then later purchased the Peters…show more content…
The Remington company really appealed to the hunters in the United States because their firearms are affordable while still providing a good quality rifle. The Remington 700 rifle, which is one of their most popular between hunter, was designed in 1962. This action is one of the best action that the company has ever built. It was an instant hit with shooter throughout the country. It was developed for hunting early on in it’s production but later lead to many sub variants that would be used in the police forces and even the military. Some other companies even based their own sniper rifles off of the Remington 700 action because it was so accurate and reliable. This is a huge advantage to Remington because now if even other companies are basing their products off of the Remingtons then the people now it is a good product they can

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