Remmy: A Short Story

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Everyone thinks that once you get out of Jr.high your going to be a wild crazy teenager. You would go to parties, go where you wanted, and have no rules. But the sad part is that 's not reality and you have to wake up at some point. This is a story about a girl named Remmy and how she survived her first high school year. Picture this a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes who has no clue what to expect on her first day of highschool. That girl is Remmy if you haven 't guessed by now. At the moment she 's reassuring herself before she steps out of the car, but I 'm getting ahead of myself let 's start the night before in her room doing what any teenage girl would do before something big, which would be freaking out.…show more content…
A couple of weeks went on and Remmy was loving school. She didn 't really have a care in the world. She made great friends and had great teachers. Life was perfect. Remmy felt like she was in a movie. One day Remmy was looking at he paper for the week and the paper said homecoming week was coming up. She was so excited she couldn 't breathe. She wanted to win homecoming princess, but what she didn 't know was someone else did too and would do anything to get that spot. Remmy thought it would be cool and fun and maybe even have the best highschool experience of her life. So the day of voting she was ecstatic and she was going to be on the float. A couple of days later her and Brianna were talking and a paper was handed to Brianna. "What could it be?" Ryen wondered. As Brianna opened up the paper it said... "Congratulations you have been nominated to be Homecoming princess. Make sure to have a dress and be prepared for a second drawing." Brianna immediately screamed. She was bragging to everyone and not just typical oh look at how amazing this is. She rubbed it Remmys face and that 's when Remmy started to question her. Remmy went home that day and told her mom what had happened. Her mom said " How did she get nominated?" "I 'm not sure I never once heard even say that she wanted it." Her mom knew that something bad was coming, but didn 't want to say…show more content…
The next Monday no one would talk to Remmy. Every class she went to everyone was talking about her. Remmy felt like bursting in to tears every single day that went by. On Thursday Remmy got a text from Brianna that said "Listen... You need to stay out of my business... Stop calling me names and talking about my new friends. You also need to stop telling people that your going to fight me... Next time you want to say something say it to my face." Remmy was so infuriated at this point she didn 't care what she said. Remmy texted her back a little something too. " Number one I don 't talk about you. Your the one who made up these crazy lies. If I hear my name come out of your mouth again your done.I couldn 't care less about your stupid friends and also I wouldn 't want to fight you. Talk about it to MY face next time!" They ranted back and forth to each other all period. When the bell rang it was time to leave. Then next day Remmy was all ready for whatever Brianna had in mind. Remmy walked in to class to see Alexandrea upset. Remmy asked what was wrong and she just ignored her. Remmy was upset by this. Remmy started crying and went up to the office. It was time to shut this down. She talked to the office telling everything that happened. She brought up Brianna and everything that had been happening. They brought Alexandrea, Brianna and Destiny all up to the office. Alexandrea came in first and said "I heard from people that you were
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